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4 Unique Bali Wedding Venue Themes For Eccentric Couples

Posted by survey274 on August 5, 2020 at 4:45 AM


4 Unique Bali Wedding Venue Bali Themes For Eccentric Couples

Romantic wedding and luxurious wedding often comes as the regular wedding themes. But how if you want a unique wedding in Bali? As you are interested to tie the knot in Bali wedding venue, you can make the best wedding with a unique theme that still accomplishes the overall style. What are those options? here are some of your unique wedding theme ideas for you.

This Are Some Of the Unique Themes That Easy to Adopt

1. Vintage Theme

Love or impaired with old-time styles? This one of the easiest themes to adopt will be your best choice. You channel it through the wedding outfit and guests' dress code that look antique as well as beauty. Other than that, adding the atmosphere can be done by using antique-looking décor. It can be antique candles and typewriters in the reception. And for the last touch, take a classic car like Volkswagen.

2. Bohemian Theme

Looking for a unique theme yet gives simple aesthetics? Then use a bohemian theme for the Bali wedding venue. Underlining the idea of carefree, cool, and beautiful, this theme will fit the beachfront venue. The key is to make the decoration simplistically elegant. Add the oriental rugs that lining the aisle and altar, also add some decorative pillow. Lastly, don't forget to hang the macramé decoration.

3. Travel Theme

Do you love to travel? Or your guests are from all across the world? take this idea to represent the current situation to make creative themes. You can feature a sign detailing how far your family and friends had traveled to attend your wedding. There are also different kinds of postcards that can be transformed into a guest book. And guess what? This also represents your journey to this favorite wedding destination.

4. Nautical Theme

Since you are going to marry in a Bali wedding venue, take this chance to enhance the blue ocean view with a nautical theme. Even if you are not in holding your wedlock celebration on a cruise, add this theme with the color tones and numerous décor. The blue and white tones (stripes) with a beach motif, will exude a maritime style. This theme will perfectly complement the seaside wedlock ceremony.

That's some inspiring theme for your wedding. When you rent a venue in Bali, you got a lot of control over your wedding process. While you use the package, at some point you can set the theme as well. In this case, to accomplish the overall wedding venue the four presented themes are very easy to adopt. You can use ornament or décor elements to add the theme without changing the basic venue.

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